Ohysp Maercs
Korean Kreepies, Room 6

He was going to the Halloween party and he was eating rotten meat and drinking spit (5 litres). Suddenly, a pumpkin attacked him and said "Hello, Devil, you are so nice. Maercs killed the pumpkin. "Dang and Beast" he said and he yawned very loudly. People were surprised! They ran away. However, Maercs caught them and ate them in a single mouthful. He said "Um, this is terrible. He spit them out and played with them. The people were very afraid but they played. After a while, they fainted. 100 soldiers came and shot him. He bore the pain. The soldiers destroyed him and he died. (February 2005)

An Hyun Hoe, Seoul, South Korea, 12

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