Boogedyboo and Boogedybye
Awful Attic, Room 9

Boogedyboo eats bears, lions, cats, birds and dogs. He looks like a werewolf but isn't really a werewolf. He is a ghost.

Boogedybye is a werewolf that eats just about anything it meets. When he comes up upon a tree he scratches with his claws on the tree bark. At night, when there is a full moon he howls in a strange voice and then he will come up to your house and scratch on your door real hard.

Boogedyboo and Boogedybye are friends. They met at a haunted house at night time on October 14th, 1949. They hang out together and tell haunted stories.

Barry (age 11), Antjuan (age 10), Coleman Elementary School Speech and Language Gp.,

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