Mammoth Manor, Room 1

My Monster is the fiercest, cruelest, most heartless beast you could ever know. He has the fangs of a pitbull, the raging red eyes of a maniac man, the humungously pointy ears of a bat, and the snot of a… well… snot.
He wears orange flippers upon his icky, webbed feet. He flaps around with cardboard boxes taped to his purple and green polka-dotted wings. He is nocturnal as well. Whenever he walks it sounds like thunder. Whenever he snores it sounds like hail. Whenever he smiles, bugs and creepy-crawlies crawl cautiously from out of the cracks in his yellow teeth that are as big as graham crackers.
   His name is FrumpyDump because he lives at the Dump and lives off of gross foods he finds there such as banana peels, rotten milk, molded bread with fungus, and the sweat off any and all sweat pants and sweat shirts. Beward of this Monster. He has no mercy whatsoever. January 2005

Rachel, Georgia, USA, 14

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