Kreepy Kondo, Room 1

    This is the story of Purpely the purple worm. Purpely always wanted to be empress of all the purple worms. Who ever heard of a purple worm? Well they are an endangered species. Purpely is only five but is very determined. Purpely's favorite color is purple! Who would have thunk it? Purpely is best friends with a pink worm named Pinky! The pink and purple worms are enemies, so Purpely and Pinky always had to meet secretly. That is how many of the pink and purple worms became an endangered species, SECRET endangered species! Pink and Purple worms are nocturnal which is why they are never seen. They are quite small and plus, no-one goes around in the middle of the night looking for oddly colored worms-until now anyway! The 2 small colonies of the worms are the last of their kind. They' are only about 300 in each of the colonies!
        Today was the third straight day of war between the worms and that morning Purpely's father was killed when a leaf twice his size( he was 3 in.) was dropped on him and Purpely was off in a corner crying when she heard Pinky's whistle. She saw Pinky slink around the corner with the purple worms on her tail. After Pinky had rushed behind her for protection Purpley spoke up.
        “Stop!!!! I know you are not aware of this but this kind Pink Worm and I are friends, best friends, and this war is silly!! We’re destroying the last of each other’s kind and our own in the process! How would you feel if your own father who was against the war in the first place was killed just going out for groceries?!?!”
        Well, that made the worms stop and think and in a few days the war was settled with a peace treaty ending with,“ For the best of the little ones.”
Purpley and Pinky we’re rewarded and soon became neighbors. They both soon would become empresses of all the Purple AND Pink worms!!!!!!

                        The End

Kaitlin, El Dorado, AZ, USA, 11

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