Seeping Wart Wing, Room 8

Zolly is round and he has only a nose and two big ears. He is hairy, his hair is green. If you push him, he rolls, just like a ball. If you drop him, he bumps up again. He eats teachers, but not math teachers. He says they are way too full with numbers. His nose is just like a human nose, but 10 times bigger. In his nose lives a crab named Crabby-Wabby. Crabby-Wabby is Zolly's pet.
He likes to play lots of games with Crabby-Wabby.
I'll tell you a game.


Zolly eats Crabby-Wabby. After that, he eats a flashlight, so that Crabby-Wabby can see something in his intestines. I'll go in an airplane, and drop Zolly, so that Crabby-Wabby shaked to somewhere in Zolly's intestines. Zolly must now roll Crabby-Wabby out of his intestines, so that he comes out of his mouth.

Now, wasn't that fun?
(January 2005)

Sander, Netherlands, 11

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