Kreepy Kondo, Room 4

   One day I was walking to school when I saw the 3 headed dumby. They all said he was a fake but now I now he's real. Here's the story of the 3 headed dumby. One day there was a kid named Erik Seem who was in the 6th grade and went to Arty Elementary School. His teacher was Mrs. Las and she was the worst teacher at Arty Elementary. She was cold hearted and hated fun. So one day Erik was eating his lunch with his friends, Mrs. Las came in and said, “Erik, I want to see you in my office now!” All his friends said, “ooooooooooooooooooooo”, so then he told them to be quiet. When he went to her office she told him he was failing in every class so she killed him and his other two friends. Then she nailed their heads on to Erik's body and no one ever saw them again!   And that's the story of the 3 Headed Dumby.
(Dec 2004)

Reid, El Dorado, AZ, USA, 11

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