The Leftover Pea
Kreepy Kondo, Room 2

    This is a sad story of a happy little pea that got leftover by a little child that didn’t want to eat it…
        Once upon a time , there was a happy little pea and all it wanted was to be eaten. Of course however, nobody likes to eat peas but, this little pea was determined to be eaten. So, one night, he went to his tiny “pea house” and concocted a secret potion. (This is the sad part.) His concoction couldn’t work because it needed a part of the pea that would be eaten. ( You know why would a person much less a pea would want to be eaten? But hey! I told you he was determined!) He kept trying and trying and trying but it never worked until he ACTUALLY realized that he was IN A CAN!!! ( He only realized this when a mother took his can off the shelf. )
    When he was cooking he was rather happy because it felt like he was in a jacuzzi. But, then (oh yes THEN) he finally got the experience of being on a plate. Then the person who ate him actually liked him!!!
YEA 4 PEA!!!!! Yes, and that was the happy end of that little, determined pea.
               THE END !!!!!!!
(Dec 2004)

Annelise, El Dorado, AZ, USA, 10

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