Creepy Creature Chambers, Room 16

Ld is a monster that lives in a world of total darkness and horor and pain for
Every human.
He lives of human energy
This is how he works first he goes to our world then he searches for a good human he paralyzes them by opening his eyes but he lets them be conscious that they can feel the horror and pain when he drains the life out of them they want to scream but they can`t.
When he has the energy he makes them unconscious and he awakens them again in his world the world of pain and horror
Then he tortures them by killing his/her family and let the victim see it!!
But don`t worry he only strikes when it is the 13th day and 666 seconds after midnight but then watch out!! He needs a lot people for his world where you be eternally tortured! And he looks like:nobody knows!! (January 2005)

Marthijn, Deventer, Holland, 12

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