The Polar Bear Den, Room 10

This monster is very rare, but no matter how rare it is if you find him your bound to regret it. This monster is known as HANDY. It lives in the Monster Motel’s bathroom. Handy is a scary hand that is green and has sharp teeth with dry blood at the tips, black long nails and parts of him is decayed off and you can actually see his rotten yellow bones. Handy also has a red and black eye; he’s a very grumpy monster. Handy doesn’t like anyone, or less in his house. Also known as the toilet. If you ever find yourself needing to have a pit stop and Monster Motel is the closest, you need to hop back into your car and keep on driving, because you never know if you just happen to plop your butt down on his house, your in for a rude awakening! (November 2004)

Melanie, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 13

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