The Polar Bear Den, Room 2

My monsters name is Smilzzz. She is an artificial monster. She is made out of ice. She stays at the Econo Lodge. That is a motel in Atlanta, Georgia. I   know that everyone would normally pick a bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom or some reliable comfortable place. But my monster no, no, she lives in the ice box! There is only one thing wrong with that picture though, she may leave the ice box but under one condition, she must be back in 5 hours! If she doesn’t come back within 5 hours she will melt and that will just be the end of my lovely monster. She is a single 25 year old that lives alone and “says” that she doesn’t need a man! She said that “ the only person that can fulfill your   heart is yourself. Its not gonna be long until someone   rats out on her and say that   there is a life size monster   living in the ice box at Econo Lodge. Only a matter of time!!! (November 2004)

Andranette, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 13

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