The Transporter
The Polar Bear Den, Room 11

My monster’s name is the transporter, because he’s a kind monster with an identity. He can turn invisible. He’s a kind monster, but when you make him mad he turns into The transporter. He lives in room 11, he’s a quiet monster but he turns into a mechanic, he turns invisible and he turns into the transporter when he’s mad. He also has a storage in his body for all his weapons when he’s mad. He also likes the Yankees. But when you talk about the red sox he gets mad, and gets a weapon from his storage. His favorite player is Gary Sheffield. He also has all Yankee merchandise. His favorite Yankee signs are “who’s your daddy, left field center field, Sheffield”. The transporter likes to talk a lot.
(November 2004)

Gilbert, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 14

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