The Polar Bear Den, Room 8

My monster’s name is Slugger. He is 103 years old.   He was born in 1901, the same as The Boston Red Sox. During the offseason, his home is in the weight room at the Monster Motel. His home during the baseball season is inside the famous Green Monster in Fenway Park. He lives with his cousin, Wally, the famous mascot of the Sox. Slugger is mainly a bodyguard for all of Red Sox Nation. He is around the team all through the season, even on the road, to insure the safety of the team and its loyal fans. He is especially necessary when traveling to the home of the Evil Empire located at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, N.Y.   He is 50 feet tall, weighs over 2000 pounds(mostly muscle), and is always wearing his Red Sox uniform…unless its at the cleaners!   He carries a 25 foot long baseball bat in case he encounters any threats to the Nation. He has been trained to use deadly force only when absolutely necessary but it would be wise not to test him.   (November 2004)

Mr. Aneis, Brooklyn, NY, USA, 32

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