Slithering Heights, Room 13

Dragolakadon has big wings with quite a lot of spikes on them. He wings are orange and the spikes on them are red.
He is not fat nor skinny, so obviously he`s in the middle. His head is an oval shape sideways and has large spikes on his head as well. His nose is like a small one but nonetheless, it smells really well. His eyes are orange as well as the spikes on his head. His stomach is yellow and his body is red.
Dragolakadon loves partys and discusting foods ( to him their good). Dragolakadon has feet the size of a small table. He is 13 foot 9 inches and weights 497 lbs.
His family and the Dragon race have existed 5,000,000, years before the dinosaurs. The meteor which hit earth and caused the downfall of dinosaurs, had blown half of the dragons on earth onto the planet Sunmarearth (Sun-mare-earth).
Dragolakadon loves the Monster Motel because it has everything that he likes exept for a toxic water pool they have a mud pool.
This description of Dragolakadon says what he likes, how much he weights, his height how he looks as well as where he`s from.

Thomas, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada, 9

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