Ickle-Bickle { i- kol-bi-kol }
Slithering Heights, Room 1

Ickle-Bickle is a baby monster, cute and friendly but can get in awful strops, where you could come off worst than the little tinkerÂ…..

Anyway, Ickle-Bickle was born in HeartBreak hotel (On Kids on the Net creative writing) and moved to Monster Motel in the Wailing Wing where he has met baby friends Frankenstein the 2nd, The Iron man's evil son, Gormi and Trella the one and only.

It does not have a mother or father, but if it did then ( as it says in the Bickle - Book ) Ickle-Bickle would have killed them. Ickle-Bickle just appeared in thin air.

Ickle-Bickle is red and looks like an overgrown baby without a nose and an orange tail to go with it. Ickle-Bickle wears a diaper with a yellow strap and he wears a green bow-tie on his head and has a strand of hair coming out of its head.   (June 2004)

Emily, Edlesborough, UK, 9

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