Fatal Floor, Room 7

My Monster is the biggest softie! He is violet in colour, however at night he changes to dark blue when he is asleep, and dark purple when he is sad. He had a face a bit like a giant koala's, with silky round ears and the largest innocent blue eyes. He's very protective of me, and he defends me from all the jokes that his rough monster friends make about me. He's great, and although some people don't believe me when I tell them about him, I don't mind, because I know that he is real.
Boobleoobleabblink came from a place called "Zarangsocks". He says that he used to work in this weird scaring industry, but he was fired because he was too kind. I'm glad that he was, because now he's with me, and although I know he sometimes misses Zarangsocks, I feel that he is happy with me.
May 2004

Naomi, Perth, Australia, 9

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