Draco's Delight, Room 2

At age 9 his family disappeared. Over the next days his father and sisters' bodies were found hung and and desiccated by ice, fire, earth, wind. When he was 14 he was sitting outside a laboratory waiting for school to start when a huge explosion sent him sprawling into the ground. 1 week later at school a boy was punching Eric, also known as Pyro, suddenly he blinked, his pupils depicted fire, then as he stood up and punched at the boy his hand shot fire like a flamethrower. Eric found out that he could make his eyes change. When this happened he became Pyro, a man with the power to make and perfectly control fire. He soon became a hero and a villain saving and killing people, but what he wants most is to find his family and kill the things that did this to his family. Pyro: "If you can't take the heat get out of the game."
(May 2004)

Eric, Hell, Michigan, USA, 13

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