The Ticking Tongued Terror (again)
Draco's Delight, Room 1

He dropped his bags and opened the door. The Ticking Tongued Terror had come to stay at Monster Motel.
"Room 12". The voice echoed in his head.
Everyone who had seen him so far, had nearly jumped out of their skins.
Sensetive Sally had actually jumped out of her skin.
The Ticking Tongued Terror was the fiercest monster that had come to stay at Monster Motel.
When the Boomoonsleepwalker had come up to him to snarl and growl, The Terror, with one flick of its nail, had bounced him against the wall, and back again, head down on the floor.
The Ticking Tongued Terror had been known for eating monsters, poisoning, killing, threatening and lots more bad things. To any brave monster- as brave or braver than The Terror -this would have been a brilliant joke, but, as there was no monster big or strong enough to stand up to The Ticking Tongued Terror, it wasn't.

After three days of staying at the motel (that also meant three days of killing, poisoning etc.), The Ticking Tongued Terror had got restless, and was challenging all the monsters in the motel to a fight.
"I'll challenge you to a fight and if you win I'll give you some of my poison dust!" snapped The Terror in his gruff voice.
"I have to start packing!" said the Snotalotaguss, nervously packing his bags.
"You're tough!" growled The Ticking Tongued Terror to the Itzakadoozie. "You can fight me then!"
"I've only just got here. I have to start UNpacking!" whispered the Itzakadoozie, hurriedly.
"Are you brave? Are you TOUGH? Challenge me to a match in the Oogles-bagoogles' room (he'd BETTER let me!) and you might just win some of my power!" shouted The Terror into the loudspeaker.
But two days had come and gone, and not one monster had offered to fight him.
"Aren't there any who are brave and strong enough to fight me?" he snarled.
The next day, when The Terror had given up, there came a knock on his door.
"Get lost you imbasil, I don't want stupid idiots coming in and making me hungry..." said The Terror.
But for the first time that he had stayed at the motel, The Terror didn't hear a nervous shudder outside the door.
Instead, in walked a very big, very scary looking monster.
He was brown all over, with big hairy warts all over his face and a scar across his cheek. The monster was a fat, ugly, slimy thing, and had short bits of hair sticking out from his throat.
The Terror gulped, and tried to convince himself that he wasn't the slightest bit afraid, but he was.
"I'm 'ere for the fite'!" grumbled the old monster. "I'm WartstropolistomialisissweetcherrytumsturnintoRAARscarypompomnogiveupnowyourGONGON! But just call me GonGon, OK?"
"Let get fighting then!" said The Terror, as they came into the Oogles-bagoogles' room.

So the monsters got fighting. They were fighting for days and days. There were screams and rips to be heard, but apart from that they had shut themselves in. After a couple of days, a monster went into the room. They had now stopped fighting. The Ticking Tongued Terror had finally agreed that there was a monster strong and brave enough to be like him. there was alot of damage done, but The Terror had learnt his lesson!
(May 2004)

Jasmine, Beds., UK, 10

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