Leviathan Lounges, Room 12

Poor old Hamish is a three headed cat, each with a different personality.

The first head coughs up furballs frequently, making him very upset. The most timid of the three.

The second head is very daring and loud, always trying to run off and hurt other cats, but never gets the chance as his two other heads plead for him not to go.

The third head is obsessed with food, and tries to drag his brothers with him at the mere mention of food!

Hamish is very poor, as he was abandoned by his mother because of his deformity. Everybody say aaw!

Hamish has no money whatsoever and lurks in the corners of Room 12 in the monster motel, hoping nobody will catch him, as then he will be chucked out.

Don't worry though, if you do see him, he will shrink away, because at heart Hamish is very very shy and has no self confidence. Perhaps a pat on each head would do him good. Think about it...

February 2004

Rozzia, UK, 13

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