Leviathan Lounges, Room 1

Demon is a man with… wings. Not beautiful angel wings though. He has hideous dragon like wings coming out of his back. He can retract them into his body when needed though. They were caused by a power plant explosion that affected the pregnancy. When he was born he had his wings retracted into his body and was immediately brought into another room for standard health testing. When they took his blood he screamed and the wings shot out. Although he was only a few minutes old his wings had a 2 ft wingspan. The doctors immediately called the FBI to find out what to do. They were forced to tell his parents he had died. He was then brought to a facility with others that had mutant powers as well. They tested him in different things, and his strong-suit was computers. While they taught him about computers he was secretly building a virus. When he finished with it he set it loose. It immediately caused chaos. It unlocked all the cells and everyone was freed. The problem was they weren't all good. He is now on a quest to find his parents and on the way recapture all the freed evil mutants.   (December 2003)

Adam, USA, 12

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