Charter's Chilly Chambers, Room 12

The joyous but bizarre monster was walking towards me. With his uncanny looking face staring right at me. With peaceful footsteps the monster grew closer and the footsteps grew louder. The closer the thing got the the pleasanter the thing looked. The monster was now at arms length. My hand reached out to touch the monster. It was silky. It was like a pair of polished shoes and as smooth as a glass table. The monster wasn't that bad. I suppose he was quite friendly really. A bit like a pussy cat. But I still think he's a bit weird. The air was as blank as a sheet of paper. All I could smell was somebody cooking. A sponge cake I think. I wasn't really scared of the monster anymore. Well I didn't think I was. The monster was a warming creature. But had the appetite of a pig he ate everything in sight. But luckily that wasn't me.   (November 2003)

Jasmine, Chippenham, Wilts., UK, 10

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