Charter's Chilly Chambers, Room 6

Snakes has a height of 6 feet 7 inches and is a brobdingnagian monster. He is 2025 years old. He has green skin that is very rough and he enjoys scratching his face a lot. His eyes are ENORMOUS and black and he can see far away. Snakes' ears are pointy. His hair is thick and long like a girl. Its colour is black and purple. Snake is not very clever, because he never went to school; all he did was fight all day and afterwards being very lackadaisical. Snakes stinks of urine, because his people use it as a perfume. He is very tough and strong, with gigantic powerful muscles. To make his muscles enormous he lifts 2 children on each arm, 1000 times a day. He is a warrior, who is very rapacious when he is fighting. In a gargantuan battle with Wrinkleys he lost his left arm but fought on to lead the Snakes to victory. Snakes enjoys killing people then eating their brains raw, which is his favourite food.   (November 2003)

Uzair, Chippenham, Wilts., UK, 10

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