The Bookshop with Teeth, Room 11

My monster is extremely greedy he works very hard but often causes problems for himself and others -very rarely my monster meets up with other monsters and if they put their minds together they are capable of doing a fair amount of damage and end up feeding their own greed - my monster scares me. My monster is in a transitional stage he is preparing for big changes and tries to keep a big stick close by at all times in case of trouble - after visiting the place where he grew up he finds himself lulled into complancency - but he must continue to struggle and he must constantly feed his own greed and anger in order to ensure that he is becomes a respected monster who will be remembered long after he is gone - sometimes he writes monster poems and maybe one day he will write a book about his monster life that will probably shock the suburban people amongst which he was raised (November 2003)

Ernest & Parker, Halifax, NS, Canada, 12 & 14

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