Boggart's Bottom, Room 10

Stinkeysaurus is short , thin and has scales al over his body. He is black and has big brown eyes. He has big sharp teeth and dull nails on his hands and feet.

He has some very special powers. He has night time sight, ability to climb walls and a very strong grip.

Stinkeysaurus lives in a cave or a cavern. His cave is wet from rain and it is pitch black inside.The cave is very big. There are rock floors and there are stalagmites coming out of the ground. There is a rocky ceiling with stalacmites.

Stinkeysaurus eats bugs, spiders, moss, water and slugs. He especially likes crayfish and salamanders.He also eats blind catfish and cavers.He is an awesome but horrible cave dweller.

LOOK OUT!!!!! He's scary!!!!!!! and very FEROCIOUS!!!!!!

Mike, Chatsworth, Ontario, Canada, 8

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