Mike Wazowski
Weirdest Gallery, Room 15

He is short and green. He has one eye and he puts a contact in it everyday. He works in a bank called Beast's Bank. He owns it and is the richest monster in his large hometown of Monstropolis. His favorite colognes are smelly garbage and wet dog. He wears monster spice as a deodorant and loves to be called "Googly Bear" by his girlfriend, Celia who is the secretary of Mr. Waternoose, the mayor of Monstropolis. Mike has won many awards for training his best friend, Sulley, to be the top scarer in the place where Sulley is employed. Mike enjoys long walks on the beach and cuddling with his teddy bear, Cyclops Myclops. I hope you enjoyed my monster!!!!          June 2003

Melissa, Lorain, USA, 13

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