Weirdest Gallery, Room 6

My monster is black and spooky he also is a vegetarian. I like him because he is only two feet tall. He does tricks too! He fetches and rolls over. He has worms as his hair. I have a hard time combing it. He has five sisters named Grape, Scary, Big, Tiny and lettuce. He has three brothers named Troller, Hairy and Quince. Spook is 552,000,000 years old and lost his parents when he was 450 years of age. I only found him when he 500,000,000. He lives with me. He has a mailing address of 200 Est. Monster St. Monsterville, Pa 17088245. His parents were very famous, their names were Momzilla and Dadzilla. My monster has no friends except me. He drank human water and didn't get hurt.          June 2003

Amber, Schaefferstown, PA, USA, 10

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