Freaky Fifth Floor, Room 7

My monster is purple and green metalic with 2 blue horns on his head. He has a tail that's the same color as his body. His favorite meal is monster droppings. He likes long walks in the dump at precisely 12:00am, also known as midnight. He has a pet named OgglyBoggly who likes peppered slimeballs. OgglyBoggly likes the exact same things as oglyBoogly. OoglyBoogly is also very slimy and stubborn. OoglyBoogly works at Scare-o-thon, which is a program to teach young monsters how to scare people. OoglyBoogly has a girlfriend named PookieWookie. OoglyBoogly is very happy with his life. Oh!, by the way, OoglyBoogly is 40 slimers. (20 human years.)   Jan 2003

Daisy, USA, 13

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