MutantsÂ’ Mansions, Room 13

   The Snuffalufacus has a thick, purple (or pink if female) coat of fur, a huge nose (usually with snot dripping from it), big eyes (usually red because the Snuffalufacus has a cold) and big lips. The Snuffalufacus's legs are usually not visible but you can easily see its big feet. The feet have a dark orangeish and black colour. Each foot has three huge toes. The toenails are a dark purplish and black see-through colour. The Snuffalufacus's arms are visible and are the same colour as the feet (dark orangeish). The Snuffalufacus has four fingers and the rest of the hand is the same as the foot.
The Snuffalufacus has a cold as often as the average person does not have a cold. The Snuffalufacus spends most his time wiping his nose, sneezing, taking Dimetapp, buying Kleenex and buying Dimetapp. The Snuffalufacus is a very lonely creature because of his terrible sneezes that scares away people.
   The Snuffalafacus lives in caves on Snuffle Peak (which most people do not know about). It is not certain where Snuffle Peak is located; some people think in the Himalayas, others believe it is in the Rockies, what do you believe? Jan 2003

Zak, Osgoode, ON, Canada, 10

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