Weird Ssaam
Midnight Monstropolis, Room 11

    Weird Ssaam is 5’2” and she’s a freak. She has spikes down her back. Her brain is as big as an ant. She loves to eat computers and floss her teeth with the cords. She has tiny microscopic blue eyes and has to wear three pairs of glasses. They have head lights, windshield wipers and much more. She has a screeching voice. Her tongue is a computer mouse and her hair is black as ink. She is bright red because she gets a sunburn every time she goes swimming. She itches all over.
    She lived in Freakville in a broken down shack. No one likes her except her husband. Her husband is the devil. The only reason why he likes her is because she is his slave. He is bright pink and retires so he wouldn’t get sunburned. She was a teacher but she got kicked out of school (literally). That is all about my monster.
    My monster would like you to not tell any one about her. That’s my monster!

Natalie, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 11

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