Poison Ivy
Midnight Monstropolis, Room 10

    Poison Ivy is very large compared to her sister in every way from height to weight and every which way and even in the littlest way but not to people. She is navy green. She has a temper.   When she gets mad, she poisons someone. When she is happy she blooms! She is very beautiful. That’s mostly what she looks like.
    He loves to eat.   He loves blood and gut stew. Also she likes fried worms [it’s great with ketchup.] He is 12 years old and he goes to Green Thumb Middleton School. In 5th grade she likes it a lot. He can be shy, but he is nice.   His best friend is Dandelion.
    Note: Poison is a boy and girl

Haly, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 11

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