Midnight Monstropolis, Room 8

   Tentaplants are very friendly. They get offended very easily, though. They have eight tentacles. The tentacles have poisonous prickles on them (uses them to get food). Two of its tentacles have pincers on them. They use them to grab stuff. Their behinds are very leafy. That is where they have their brains, hearts, intestines, etc. Tentaplants also has two antennas. They are also called Octoplantose. Tentaplants are green like a Palo Verde.
    One of their tentacles sticks out of their rear. They use that one to hang. It has one tooth. That is used to scare off predators. It is as shiny as platinum. Tentaplant can change from 1ft tall to as tall and wide as it wants. That only applies for adults.
    Tentaplants live in any place that there are plants (in other words, EVERYWHERE). They disguise themselves as an Ocotillo. They are born when another one dies. Up to six can be born by one Tentaplant. They usually fly to get around and twirl their tentacles like a helicopter. They originated in Catalina Island, CA. Their cousins are Venuis Flytrapius and the Octagonalplantagose. Their favourite drink is Sparkling Cider (they love carbonation). They need water to live though. They sometimes eat their cousins (Venuis Flytrapius and Octagonalplantagose) but that is only if they’re extremely hungry. They usually live with Octagonalplantagose. Tentaplants mainly eats bugs but occasionally will eat animals. Though they love animals, they still do.
    Tentaplants have a sticky substance that has a good fragrance. They use that to attract bugs. That is the Tentaplant.

Blake, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 10

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