Venuis Flytrapius
Midnight Monstropolis, Room 7

    Venius Flytrapius is a plant that will be very good for guarding your house.   It can be vicious at times, but I love it anyway.
    It gets mad very, very easily. It loves animals. It disguises itself as a Palo Verde, to keep enemies away. It looks much like an Ocotillo, but it is more green. Its head is larger than the rest of its body and looks like a flower with wings.
    Its cousins are Tentaplant and the Octogontoplantagose.
It eats fruit and has sharp teeth to grind it up. It can live in any condition hot, cold, humid, etc. Venuis Flytrapius is able to grow as tall as it wants. It is as strong as a diamond (which means unable to be harmed in any way). It usually lives in San Diego or Scottsdale.
    My monster is part of the Tentaplant species. That is my monster the Venuis Flytrapius.

Judson, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 10 3/4

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