Boogie the Monster
Middlesex Monster Maddness, Room 511

Once upon a time there was a Monster name Boogie. Boogie lived in a green dumpster in Los Angeles. Boogie liked the city because there was plenty of food in the dumpster. She was able to eat all day long. She liked to eat socks as well as other foods and things that she could find in the dumpster. Boggie liked to go swimming in the dirty river because nobody could see her swimming.
    Boogie was round and green. Boggie stunk really badly and nobody liked her. Boogie had special powers. She spit venom and had super strength.
    One day, her cousin Kimmi came to Los Angeles. Kimmi had lived in Paris. She stunk like Boggie, but Boggie did not like her cousin Kimmi.
    While she was visiting, Kimmi messed up Boggie’s dumpster. Boogie wasn’t happy about that so she told her to clean it up. Kimmi told her “No.” Then Boggie told her get out of her dumpster. . Kimmi wouldn’t leave. Then Boggie spit venom at Kimmi but it didn’t make her leave. Next, Boggie used her super strength to kick Kimmi out of her dumpster. Then Boggie put Kimmi in a box and shipped it back to Paris. Boggie went back to her dumpster, ate a cup, and then she went to the river to go swimming. Once again, Boogie was happy.

Ursula, Virginia, USA, 10

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