Middlesex Monster Maddness, Room 510

    My monster’s name is Spiker. Spiker has spikes on his hands and his arms. He is orange, black, red, and blue. He is square and small and kind of funny looking. He likes reading monster stories about himself. Spiker has three antennas on his head and uses them to talk. Spiker talk with is antennas because he has no mouth to talk with. He has six toes and six fingers.
    Spiker lives in Williamsburg. Spiker likes the city of Williamsburg. Spiker knows the town of Willmsburg because he has lived there all his life. He’s a good monster. Spiker has slim on is face and so he can slim people when they are mean to him. Spikes goes around helping out people that are in trouble and that’s how his name gets into the paper.
One day Spiker came across a person robbing a bank. The police officers didn’t know who it was but Spiker was on the job. He went around trying to find the bank robber. He checked in the allies, in the stores, and he even checked the bathrooms, but there was no sign of the bank robber anywhere. Spiker was getting more and more upset about not finding the bank robber so he decided that he would set a trap for him. Spiker decided to leave some money in a trap and hoped that the robber would come to him. The plan was perfect. The robber was greedy and wanted more money, but he didn’t know that it was a trap. He came to the trap and tried to get the money but instead of the money he got Spiker. Spiker grabbed the robber and slimmed him really good and took him to the police. Spiker saved the day again and the police are very happy to have Spike on the job.

Ryan, Virginia, USA, 10

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