Middlesex Monster Maddness, Room 509

Once there was a monster named Summer. She had a round body which was red, green and black. She had two legs and two arms. She has three cute eyes. She lived in Hartfield, Virginia on Route 33. Summer was a nice monster and she liked to see everyone get along.

Summer had two friends named Wolf and Tiger. They lived right next door to Summer so that they could play together.

There were a couple of mean monsters trying to take over Hartfield. When Summer and her friends found about this, they decided to stop the mean monsters from taking over Hartfield.

They went to Hartfield and Summer became invisible so the mean monsters couldn’t see her. Then she tied one of them up with a rope, but the other one got away. Summer’s friends went after the other monster and caught him. Summer sent them back in a rocket to their mean monster planet so they wouldn’t bother the people in Hartfield any more.

The people in Hartfield gave Summer and her friends a medal for saving the town. Summer was welcome in Hartfield and no one was ever afraid of her again.

Lindsey B, Virginia, USA, 10

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