Middlesex Monster Maddness, Room 508

Once upon a time, there was a monster named Speedyhypnoshrimp monster and he lived in Hong Kong right outside the city. There were children living in Hong Kong whose names were Shawn, John, Neil, Norman, Kimberly, Davonta, Terrence, Lee, Ryan and Lindsay. The children all lived in the same house right down the street, from an old abandoned house.
Some neighborhood boys dared Shawn to go in the abandoned house. Shawn said, “I will go in only if you let my friends go in the house.” The boys agreed. Shawn said, “No problem we can take that dare and everyone said, “Yea we can take that.” So the girls and boys went to the house. They went to the closet and they saw a monster and every one screamed. The monster did his sonicspeed and ran away. So Shawn and the others ran to find the monster.                                                                                                               
Shawn and the others found him again and he did his sonic speed again. Finally, they found him and this time he didn’t do the sonic speed, he did his hypnotizing moves and hypnotized John. Shawn and the other ran away from John because the monster hypnotized him to catch Shawn and the others. They named the monster Speedhypnoshrimp. Everyone went inside and locked the door. John was beating on the door to get in so that he could hypnotize his friends. John took an axe to break the door down and he caught Lee.

Shawn said, ” That’s enough!” He ran to get Lee and John back. The others said, “Yea.” So Shawn and the others hid. They found a book about How to Defeat Trolls and Other Monsters. Shawn found the page that would help them with their problem. Kimberly and Norman said, ”We found a way to defeat Speedhynoshrimp monster. He will lose his powers when he sees light.

So Shawn and the others each got a flashlight and they searched for Speedhynoshrimp. They found the monster and shined one flashlight at the monster and he ran away. Shawn and the others decided to get rid of him for good. They chased the monster again and Shawn said,   “Everyone shine the flashlight at Speedhynosrimp monster. He melted on the ground and that was the last of him . As soon as the monster melted, John wasn’t hypnotized anymore and things went back to normal.

Shawn, Virginia, USA, 10

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