Middlesex Monster Maddness, Room 507

Once upon a time there was a ghost named Darkreaper. Darkreaper lived in a forest near a graveyard. For fun, he liked to scare people and animals.
    One night, there were Boy Scouts walking in the woods. They were going camping. They lit up a campfire and cooked their dinner. After they were done eating, they heard a strange sound. They began telling ghost stories. Many of the boys got scared so they quit telling stories and went to sleep in their tents. Darkreaper had been listening   nearby to the stories and knew the boys were scared. He was in the trees. The trees began blowing hard and the wind howled. Darkreaper moved in front of the boy’s tents. Darkreaper’s shadow could be seen in the moonlight. The Boy Scouts saw his shadow and they ran out of their tents yelling. Darkreaper caught one boy and quickly let him go. The rest of the Boy Scouts ran back to the city. They never went camping again.

Davonta, Virginia, USA, 11

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