Stinnky the Monster
Middlesex Monster Maddness, Room 506

Once upon a time, I saw a monster named Stinky. He lived in Newport News. Stinky was a strange looking monster. He was brown, big, and his body was shaped like a rectangle. He was ninety-four inches tall. He used his laser vision to see through things and he could become invisible so no-one could see him. He was unhappy because he has no friends.
This monster went everywhere. I saw the monster at the store and I said, “Help” but nobody heard me. The monster was after me and I said, “Don’t eat me. I will be your friend.” Then he said, “Ok..” Then he let me go and stopped running after me. Then the monster started to cry. I said, “Do not cry.” I heard Davonta and Shawn talking. They all were my friends. I let Stinky stay at the tree where we were so he could meet my friends. Davonta he said to Stinky, “You can be my friend.” Then Davonta said, “Yes, I can be your friend, too. They all went in get some ice cream and then we went to the movies. The next day we went to the racetrack. Then we all went to my house we had some cake. In the next few days, we went to play golf. watch football, and play basketball. This was the best time for Stinky and he was never lonely anymore.

Terrence, Virginia, USA, 11

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