Midnight Monstropolis, Room 5

My monster is a cook. As you can see by her name, she cooks the most delicious chocolate cakes. My monster is lime green and magenta and sometimes blood red. My monster has 1 eye. She has 3 legs. He also has one arm coming out of his stomach and another where it is supposed to be. Kookaboooo is half girl half boy. (known as a she-he) She has a tiny microscopic nose and a normal sized mouth. His mouth is purple, but sometimes it is white. When her mouth is white, it has flowing foam in it. Yuk! When it is purple, it has a whole lot of spit. That is what my monster looks like.   Here is what he likes to do and what he does.
    Kookaboooo is a chef at the Monstropolis famous restaurant, Magnifico Cook Book. Kookaboooo loves to cook at this restaurant. He is good at cooking, too. Kookaboooo is famous for his magnificent chocolate cakes.
    During her spare time he loves to make my family and I dinner, lunch, breakfast, and sometimes even a snack. When he is not doing this, she plays soccer. Sometimes I play with him. She loves to do lots of other stuff to.
      Kookaboooo loves to eat Slime Crunch for breakfast. Slime Crunch is a cereal that has dried up clumps of slime. He loves this cereal. Kookaboooo eats lots of things for lunch. She drinks blood with a head sandwich, and lots of other stuff. For dinner she likes to eat slugs with a cow steak.
    Kookaboooo has a lot of friends. Foogle Doodle Boogle the 13th, Weird Ssaam, and Fassit are all of Kookaboooo’s friends. They all play together. Usually they play soccer together. They all go to each others houses. They have a lot of fun.
    That is all about Kookaboooo.

Bailey, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 10 1/2

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