Smarty Bob
Midnight Monstropolis, Room 2

   My monster is nine in monster years (27 in human years). He has one eye which is green, no nose, and two mouths. One of his mouths is for food and the other one is for liquid. He head is purple, and the rest of his body is bluish-purple. Bob is 6 foot 2 inches tall; he is going to grow to about 10 foot in the rest of his life. A lot of people think he’s dumb, but he’s actually pretty smart.
    He goes to a school called Jacky Chain Monster School (he owns the school also). He’s been an honor student since the first time he took step inside a classroom. He was born in Phoenix, Aricoma.
    Most people born in Phoenix are pretty intelligent. He just moved to Nan York, Nan York. He likes the weather better in Nan York. He likes the people better in Nan York. He has a mom, dad, and an older sister. His dad works at K-Mark (K-Mart), and his mom works at Moonbucks (Starbucks). He is wants to be an astronom (astronaut).That is my monster!

Evan, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 10 1/2

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