Dreadful Dorm, Room 6

   My monster’s name is Archiwarchi. He has six bulging eyes and two mouths with orange rotted teeth. He has very, very, very hairy arms and legs. He is mustard brown with swamp green stripes. He has big warts and huge moles that have hair growing out of them. He has lice and flies all over his head. He walks on his six arms with six fingers on each hand. He has ears that are as tiny as a mouse’s ears. He has very good hearing and very bad eyesight. He has a big floppy nose that bounces up and down when he runs. He also has a tiny tail that is blue and purple. He also has soft purple fur.
    Archiwarchi likes to eat mashed mosquitos, and ears spread with peanut butter Archiwarchi likes to shop for underwear, play ping-pong, rock climb, and eat. He lives inside your old rotting shoes, under the mold. His best friend is Boogalawoogla. His other friends are Barfbreath, Mucasbrain, Gingerfale and Pinkpollyester.
That’s my monster, Archiwarchi.

Mary, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 10

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