Dreadful Dorm, Room 2

    My monsters name is Boogalawoogala. His favorite foods are: macaroni and sneeze, dead flies and milk, and big feet that stink.
    His skin color is dark mustard brown with big red and green pimples. He has 800 eyes. He has a huge mouth with green rotting teeth. His nose is pink and pointy. He has blue soft fur. His ears are as big as an elephant. He is very tall and fat. His tail is black and white with polka dots. He stinks terribly.
    His favorite things to do are synchronized swimming, playing the guitar, shopping for shoes, and sleeping. He lives inside your old rotting shoes, under the mold. His best friend is Archiwarchi. His other friends are Barfbreath, Mucusbrain, Gingerfale, and Pinkpollyester.

Alexa, El Dorado Private School, AZ, USA, 11

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