Smelly Kelly
Dracula's Dome, Room 2

She lives in a garbage can and her name is Kelly, that's why they call her Smelly Kelly. She is very small and has big feet. She is green all over her body and has two horns on her ears. She lived in Georgia in a trash can but she smelled so much people started to cry so now she's looking for a home in a trash can in your house please. Well her favorite toy is her doll Berry the smelliest doll around. Her favorite food is rotten bananas. She has two brothers their names are Swampy and Creepy but they died a few years ago. Well if you would be kind and let Smelly Kelly live in your house that would be fine.
P.S. Make sure it's somewhere smelly and dirty or she will go out of her mind.

Ashley, USA, 10

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