Striped fork horse
Dracula's Dome, Room 1

My monster is a striped monster. Its tail looks just like a fork. He drools a little but he is nice. But sometime he gets mad because the normal horses don't like him and dont let him play with them. When this happens he charges them and trys to kill them.
He is striped because he went to a planet that was made out of stripes. While he was there they turned him into a purple and blue striped horse. He tried to escape but was caught by the aliens. They threw him into a forked cage. The cage was another type of alien and it attached itself to the horse's tail. That's how he became a striped forked horse. He later escaped with the help of his alien forked tail.
He now travels the earth in serch of a friend. Turn around I think he's behind you!

Macy, USA, 7

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