Berry Blue
Horace Mann House, Room 3

Berry Blue is Mr.Smart. His friend is Fruity Tuty. He only sleeps a little. He loves berries. For lunch he eats blue berries. And for dinner he eats black berries. And last for desert he has raspberries and black raspberries. He drinks berry juice. He is hairy all over. His hair is blue. And he has purple. And his friend Tuty Fruity hates chocolate, loves dressing up, likes make overs, is a girly girl and is Miss Smart. She always needs a scratch stand, loves to eat jelly bellies and loves to eat starbust. She is also hairy all over, she is also the color of the rainbow. When she eats starbust she loves the flavor orange. And last she drinks cherry coke. They both are room mates and are best friends.

Rachael P., Maryville, MO, USA, 8

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