Dormitory of Dread, Room 9

Kadian is very small ,
so small people can't even see it ,
but don't think for a second that
because Kadien is small it is harmless,
Kadien watches over you , when you are
sleeping , when you're awake , Kadien
waits silently, planning its
attack and them arises after a glimpse
of darkness, when you're asleep at the
spur of the moment it strikes.
No one has seen Kadien, simply no one
has survived its attack, you will sense
when Kadien is near, you can hear quiet
breathing, slight footsteps , your heart
will beat like continuous drums in a
jungle then you will hear it screech ,
the sound
so piercing, ringing continuously in your
ears, in your head, you can't even think
by the time you hear this it's too late
'Kadien has struck again'

Mandy, USA, 12

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