Fear the French!, Room 23

Her name is Samantha. She is 7. She is tall, thin, but she isn't strong. Her arms and her legs are long. Her eyes are brown. Her lips are thin. Her nose and her fingers are hooked. Her chin is advanced. She has got small ears, long, black, straight hair, and pointed feet and teeth. She wears a blue hat and dress and black shoes. She lives in haunted cavern in Germany. She likes eats snakes, mice, bas, spiders and childrens but she doesn't likes eating pizzas, chocolate, cakes, sweets and old persons. She take broom lesson and med lesson. She never washes her hands befor meals. She always talks her mouth full. She never brushes her teeth after meals. She goes to bed after midnight. She rarely makes her bed after getting up. May 2010

Louise, France, 12

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