Fear the French!, Room 22

Her name is Lilite Carrillo.
She is 17.
Lilite is little girl monster.
She is slim and a small and she has got a round face.
She has got a straight blond hair and a small mouth, a big nose and ears with percings.
She doesn't have teeth.
Her legs and arms are small and has got long feet.
My moster has got a black tee-shirt and a red skirt.
Her tights are white and her boots green.
My monster eats serpents, fish, rabbits and sleep.
My monster doesn't eat chocolate, chinese cheetahs and turtles.
My monster makes mush dance and play baseketball.
She is from Canada or Los Angeles.
She lives with three friends monster gizzly, moni and zogly in a Cava
May 2010

Ociane, France , 12

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