Angela witch
Fear the French!, Room 17

She's twelve and a half. She is very slim and rather tall. She has got a very white skin and long blond hair. Her mouth is invisble!! She has got thin arms and short legs. Her hands are covered with some spiders!! In her hands there are grey mice!! And her feet are twisted.
She has got a black dress , under the dress there is a purple skirt. She also has got black tights, a dark blue jacket and darx purple boots. On her head there is a black hat.
She always flies at night. She often prepares magic potions. She eats mamy snakes and a few mushrooms.
But she doesn't eat ladybirds and birds. She hates sun! But she loves black cats, making magis and the moon.
She lives in France in a " haunted house".
May 2010

Axelle, France, 11

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