Fear the French!, Room 15

Her name is Sludgy. She's eight years old.

Her hair is grey and tall tangled up. She has got a big nose. She has got a thin mouth. Her teeth are yellow. Her aers are long and pointed. Her chin is txited. Her face is green with plenty of red pimples. Her eyes are red.

She's small and slim. She's humpbacked. She has got long long and green thin hands. She has got big hairy feet. She has got slim legs. Her arms are long. She has got a horrible and big brown hat. Her dress is ripped and brown. Her shoes are big, red and purple. She has got a straw flying broom.

Sludgy loves flying but hand drawing. She doesn't read. She seldom goes to school. She never goes to the hairdresseer. She often watches TV.

She always eats many snake but never vegetables. She sometimes eats fish and often lots rabbits. She likes hen. Sludgy never eats jam and butter. She hate bread and chocolate. She seldom eats spaghetti. She always a lot of coffee.

Sludgy is from Moliere a very little village in Ardeche. She is lives in a horrible house.
May 2010

Agnes, France, 13

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