George Legrand
Fear the French!, Room 11

His surname is Legrand. His name is George. He is forty years old. He is very, very fat , rather tall ans strong! His hair is black and short. his nose is long. His mouth is green and big. His teeth are very pointed and yellow. His ears are small and red. His face is pink ans round. His legs are hairy and long. He has got long and big arms. He has got small pink feet. His eyes are white. He always eats big mice and rats but he never eats any salad. He loves to run behind bats. He doesn't sing and dance. He always watches TV , eats some chips. He has got a brown tee-shirt. He has got black capri pants. He has got tongues. He is from Monaco. He lives in a bizarre cemetery!
May 2010

Stephanie, France, 14

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